Hurricane Sandy relief

Hurricane Sandy relief

Find out how to help hurricane relief efforts.

Yes, there are plenty of goofy jokes—and stupid, erroneous pictures—of Hurricane Sandy going around the Internet, but there are also plenty of people who could use our help. Fortunately it’s not hard to give, and if you have anything to give, remember that every little bit helps. A text message carrying just $10 can go a long way—and you can even pool together with friends if it’s hard to make that amount.

You can text a donation easily by sending it to 90999. Just text the words “RED CROSS” (don’t include the quotation marks) to the number and the $10 donation will be charged to your account.

Just what will the Red Cross do with your donation? Having volunteered with them before, I trust them as one of my favorite humanitarian aid groups, and I can tell you that most of your money will be going to fund direct relief to people, such as food and shelter. Counseling support and other help may also be provided with your donation.

If you want to donate more than $10, feel free to send multiple texts in the increments that you prefer. As far as I know, there are no limitations on the number of texts per person.